3 things I did resulted in a completely acne-free time!

I have had one or two deep cysts in every period I have had since I was born. I had no cysts this time.

What have I done to avoid cystic acne associated with time?

I changed the following from 4 weeks ago to now:


1) I completely cut out milk products (not sugar or gluten – only milk products!). I had no intention of influencing my skin, I was just trying to get my baby to stop caring about the breast.

I always thought that a) dairy products didn't have a big impact on my acne (this sugar was my real acne trigger) and b) I didn't consume large amounts of dairy products.

When I cut out dairy, I realize it's a HUGE percentage of what I eat. In most cases, our picture of what or how we eat deviates significantly from reality.

It can be helpful to keep a food journal to learn the real story.


2) I added liver / skin support in the form of a NAC supplement and a Reishi supplement. Again I didn't try to do anything for my skin! What prompted the addition of these additions was:


I could not sleep well with a newborn. Poor sleep can significantly affect our body's detoxification pathways. I woke up feeling dizzy and hangover even though I wasn't drinking.

NAC is a supplement that, although I'm not a doctor, I believe that all new mothers should discuss their intake with their doctor. There are so many benefits to having postpartum problems (but I'll focus on how it can help with acne in this particular post)

NAC helps replenish glutathione, arguably your body's most potent antioxidant, and one that is critical to skin health.

It is also crucial for combating cell damage. Some researchers believe that it can even contribute to longevity. These benefits extend to signs of aging.

NAC also plays an important role in detoxifying your body. It can help prevent side effects of drugs and environmental toxins so effectively that doctors regularly administer intravenous NAC to people with acetaminophen overdose to prevent or reduce kidney and liver damage.

Liver detoxification is important to keep the skin clear, and I plan to go into another post to explain why certain hormones that can cause hormonal acne to flare up often become problematic due to an underactive function. functioning liver metabolism.

Animal experiments (no human experiments yet!) Show that NAC can stabilize blood sugar by reducing inflammation in fat cells and thereby increasing insulin resistance – this is enormous for acne patients, since many acne patients have problems with insulin.

When insulin receptors are intact and healthy, they properly remove the sugar from your blood and keep the level within normal limits.

Last but not least, NAC and glutathione also strengthen immune health. This has positive consequences for skin health and I don't know of a single mother who doesn't need an immunity boost!


In the past, I was drawn to Reishi because of the stress support. That's why I came back to it this time. I struggle a little with postpartum anxiety and insomnia.

Reishi is said to help with depression, fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia, and when I took it in the past, I noticed that the stress decreased.

It is also said to improve liver function and hormone balance in the really mild way that adaptogens are known for, and this may be the reason why I am improving my skin in a historically inevitable time tight spot.

Preventive stain treatment

3) I started with Zen Physic not as a spot treatment, but as a night preventive measure.

I get acne in certain predictable areas – my chin just below the corners of my mouth and right around the root of my nose.

I do not recommend using ZP all over your face unless you just add a little to a facial oil and apply it as diluted.

I was just beginning to treat my usual problem areas, although there are no mistakes on about day 16 of my cycle (when day 1 is the first day of menstruation).

I'm really surprised that I didn't get any noticeable acne during this time.

Usually, despite my best efforts and even if my skin care is up to date, ALWAYS a blemish or two sneak through!

I will update this post next month, though I'm slowly introducing the milk ladder to see how my 5 month old daughter will react. So I don't think I'll be so dairy-free next month – fingers crossed.

I have to say that it was sooo hard at first to go dairy-free, but now I'm totally used to it. I found some great dairy free products but great replacement products – would you like me to contribute?

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