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5 methods to make use of our Echium & Argan eye cream

Turn your eye cream into an everyday skin hero

You are forgiven for believing that eye cream is only for eyes. In fact, eye creams are a brilliant multi-purpose foundation for your bathroom cabinet or handbag.

A gentle and moisturizing eye cream can be used in many different ways. Here are some of our most popular new ways to try them out.


A good eye cream is primarily intended for the sensitive eye area. This area can be more prone to dryness and irritation and really needs expert care.

Our Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream is not difficult at all – it has been carefully formulated to comfort and moisturize the skin without overloading it.

Organic Echium helps to replenish and smooth these fine lines. And as always with Pai, we have not absorbed any potential irritants such as alcohol or artificial fragrances so that it does not irritate sensitive eyes .

Gently tap a pump with the ring fingers along the orbital bone and other areas with irritation or dryness around the eyes.

Lip Extinguisher

Similar to the eyes, the lips can be a very sensitive area. When your lips are dry, which is common at this time of year, a moisturizing eye cream can work faster and deeper than a lip balm.

Try it out and let it work before applying your normal lip balm. You should notice the extra hydration immediately.

Smoothing the cuticles

The same principle applies to dry and damaged cuticles. Avoid the temptation to pick on this thumbnail and dab the eye cream instead. The extra hydration will work wonders to keep them hydrated and your hands will definitely thank you.

Fine line improver

Eye cream really helps to improve the appearance of fine lines around the sensitive eye area. But it also helps in other areas. A good tip is to smooth out a few fine lines between the eyebrows.

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<p> <span style= This highlighted look is not always easy to obtain, especially in winter. Here's a simple trick to get an effortless glow.

When you're done applying makeup, gently dab a thin layer of your favorite eye cream over your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, and chin. This gives the areas that need moisture an instant shine.

How do you use yours?

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