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6 high suggestions for Christmas

So, I'm one of those (some might say annoying) people who LOVE
Christmas. There is so much to warm up the cockles. Just hearing
the Pogues & # 39; Fairytale of New York excites me.

Here are my 6 top tips to not only survive Christmas this year, but also enjoy it!

1. Think of it as the perfect bookend for your year.

One way to ceremoniously complete it. Thinking about the year that was (however terrible it may be!), Pouring it into the history books and then, bam, starting over on January 1st.

2. Hug some dressing up.

It is the only time that you can exercise caution when it comes to fashion. Literally everything is possible. Just pass on your questionable taste by saying "I'm festive". Hah!

3. Go down with the kids.

And I literally mean the intellectual level of your children (or that of your friends / family). Mine are both under 5. We play hide and seek, make a lot of mess, watch The Gruffalo on a loop (by playing each animal in turn) and take a lot of naps. It is liberating.

4. Take a break from work.

It's great to be gone when everyone else is! My summer vacation can be slightly affected because I keep an eye on my inbox. Christmas is another fish kettle; We closed the office so it was the perfect time to catch your breath.

5. Fill your boots (and your belly).

Who cares, consider it extra padding for winter. Festive novelties such as cranberry sauce and mince pies are also the best. The latter is a household obsession. The first "of the season" is consumed in October and is an important occasion.

6. Keep an eye on the current purchase.

One gift per person is sufficient, but defines the basic rules. I only buy for the immediate family and we keep it simple. One year we bought a scooter for my son. He ignored it, played with a balloon all day, and wept for joy as he unpacked a box of crayons.

As with most things in life, the thought counts.

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