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Are you making these cleansing errors?

We are probably all guilty of the strange facial tissue, quick rinsing in the shower, or going to bed with makeup … although we know the benefits of proper cleaning.

But if you take the time to clean your face, are you doing it right? We have summarized five of the most common cleaning errors:

The water is too hot

Fall at the first hurdle?

If you wash your face with hot water, the capillaries can be damaged and the natural oils of the skin can be removed, making the skin prone to redness and dryness.

Take it down a step and use lukewarm water. Dampen a Muslin towel, wring it out and gently press it against your skin for a few seconds to remove makeup and dirt before wiping off your detergent.

You did not find the right cleaner

Every skin is different, but harsh ingredients that are often found in detergents can cause a variety of skin problems.

This "sparkling clean" feeling is a sign that the protective oils of your skin have been washed off thanks to sulfates or drying alcohols.

Our Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser uses three nourishing organic oils to clean the skin flawlessly, but never get stripped or feel tight.

Product overload

Do you opt for double cleaning? Don't try to throw too many products on your skin.

Foam cleaners and makeup removers often contain sulfates, alcohols and synthetic fragrances that can make the skin firm and irritated – even when used with a gentle cleanser.

Use a small amount of your regular detergent again for a second cleaning or use coconut oil to break up the eye make-up before cleaning.

Speed ​​requirements

Although you may be tired at the end of the day and itchy to climb into bed, do not speed up your cleaning because you are running out of energy.

Combat the urge to cheat and use a facial tissue – your skin will thank you later!

Why not spend a few seconds longer massaging your face while you cleanse? Since we have a lot of stress on the face and jaw, hitting these pressure points can help to relieve tension.

Aggressive peeling

Excessive peeling or an irregularly shaped peeling can irritate and tear the skin. Avoid two peeling washes a day.

Once or twice a week should be enough. Use a peeling product made from natural spherical pearls instead of fruit stones or a gentle fruit acid as in ur Copaiba Deep Cleanse AHA Mask.

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