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Begin an Natural 2018 with Riverford

In this guest post, Riverford Organic Farmers explain why it is always best to choose organic products. Plus, their top tips for refreshing your diet in the New Year with vibrant, organic herbal juices.

In Riverford we are crazy about organic fruits and vegetables. We have been building and delivering vegetable crates from our Devon farm for 30 years, never using artificial chemicals, and taking care of the animal, soil and water sources on our land.

So why did we choose organic – and why should you use your stomach and skin?

Better for farmers

Riverford founder Guy Watson (twice a BBC Farmer of the Year) started organic farming for the first time because after spraying he often suffered from headaches and nausea while his brother had been hospitalized with poisoning.

Many of the pesticides that Guy used in the 1970s and 1980s have now been banned. How many other chemicals that were previously considered "safe" harm human health?

Better for nature

Organic farmers provide lots of green spaces and never spray artificial pesticides (which not only kill the target pest, but also useful species such as bees and butterflies). It is no surprise that up to 50% more wild animals live on organic farms.

Conventional companies also use artificial fertilizers, which require an enormous amount of oil to manufacture and transport them. If all UK farmers were organic, we could save 64 million tons of carbon over 20 years – the same as taking almost a million cars off the road.

Better for animals

Many people choose to buy free range without knowing that this is actually the second best for animal welfare. Organic meat comes from animals that live in smaller groups and have significantly more space inside and outside, eat a natural diet and never receive growth hormones or unnecessary
antibiotics. For this reason, Compassion in World Farming states: "Organic offers the highest potential standards for animal welfare."

Better quality

Instead of being promoted with chemicals, organic fruits and vegetables are allowed to grow at their natural pace and absorb the maximum aroma before harvesting. And because no artificial preservatives are allowed in organic food, must reach the shelves faster . Our food is delivered fresh from the field to your door.

Better for you

Recent research has shown that organic food is not only free from nasty chemical surprises, but is also more nutritious. Organic plants contain up to 60% more antioxidants than non-organic plants, which means that switching to organic products offers the same benefits as adding one or two servings of the recommended 5-per -Tag culture.

It's not just the green stuff. Organic meat contains less saturated fat, and organic milk and meat both contain 50% more omega-3 fatty acids (which are increased when animals eat clover).

Juicing in the New Year

Are you inspired to eat more organic fruits and vegetables in 2018, but are not sure where to start? Juicing could be the trick for you. Squeezing your own juice is a quick and tasty way to get extra goodness – and with a rainbow of juicy things in our online shop, the possible flavor combinations are endless.

Learn how to create your own colorful cocktails with our organic juice box – or try our organic juice bag for a problem-free option. Every week with a different recipe and all the fruits and vegetables you need to prepare it.

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