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Courageous New World: Is This a Self-importance Step Too Far?

Stem cell technology has long been a controversial but fascinating topic. Yesterday I read an interesting article in the Telegraph about new advances in this area and how they could affect the beauty treatments of the future.

Apparently, thanks to the French genome company Cellectis, "eternal youth" could be yours for just £ 40,000.

You have just announced a new technological development in which human skin cells are transformed into a special tissue called induced pluripotent stem cells (IPS).

The idea is that these “magical” regenerative cells are frozen and harvested at a later time to replace worn and damaged cells, which essentially reverses the aging process.

While the opportunities that this kind of progress opens up may be fascinating, a part of me cannot help but believe that it takes things a little too far.

Would you like to hear your opinion – would you do anything to stay young and healthy, or is this a step too far in your quest for eternal youth?

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