Dermatology 101: 5 signs that the mole could be carcinogenic

Dermatology 101: 5 signs that the mole could be carcinogenic

  • Asymmetry: Asymmetric birthmarks or birthmarks can be caused by abnormal (possibly cancerous) cells. If any part of your cervix doesn't match the rest, you should see a dermatologist.
  • Edge: The edges of your mole should be smooth and even. If you find that they are irregular, lumpy, notched, or blurry, you may be dealing with melanoma.
  • Color: Moles are not only available in one color. So the key to this indicator is that the color is consistent. You may see shades of brown or black, sometimes with spots of pink, red, white, or even blue.
  • Diameter: Large spots are cause for concern. If your mole is more than a quarter of an inch in diameter (roughly the size of an eraser), have it checked by a professional. However, it is important to know that melanomas can sometimes be smaller. that's why the other indicators are so crucial.
  • Development: Birthmarks and birthmarks should not change in appearance. Because you were born with them, they should stay the same all your life. If you notice your size, shape or color changing, it's time to make an appointment.

Fortunately, treating abnormal / precancerous birthmarks is fairly straightforward – your dermatologist will be able to remove all of the pigmented area during a quick, outpatient visit. As with all types of cancer, however, the earlier the cancer is recognized, the better. It is important that you contact a dermatologist if you are unsure. If you have a mole you fear, call as soon as possible and make an appointment at a dermatological center.

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