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If you've been handcream detrimental your entire life because of the extra exertion (and the trail of fingerprints left on everything left in your entourage – especially keyboards – I feel you. There was a time Where I didn't think I needed a moisturizer until using a moisturizer changed the look and feel of my skin. There was also a time when I found hand creams nice but not necessary until (spoiler alert! ) The use of a regularly changed the look and feel of my hands.

Moral of the story? Moisture is important. The hydration from head to toe – with hand care in between – is guaranteed to change you. And in choosing that perfect hand cream, do it with the same care you would take when choosing your face cream: consider your skin type, lifestyle, and any concerns you may have.

Your new favorite at your desk or in summer.

Who is it for? Hands that need light moisture and no excitement.

Texture: Ultralight and quickly absorbed.

Keyboard safe? Yes. Massage in and tap without greasy fingertips.

Why You Will Love It : It was formulated with hyaluronic acid to ensure adequate hydration without weight. It also contains peppermint extract for a light, cooling effect. Who would have thought that hand creams could be refreshing?

Your classic companion.

For whom? Everyone – but especially someone who wants a reliable hand cream that feels decadent without the post-application slip.

Texture : Light and creamy. Rich but sinks into the skin as soon as you start massaging it.

Keyboard safe? Give it a few moments before you know it.

Why You Will Love It : It is high in moisture without ever feeling greasy. It is also packed with nourishing oils and antioxidant vitamin E for silky-soft, super-soft hands.

A rejuvenating pleasure infused with roses.

For whom? Flower fanatics who love the feel of our characteristic special hand cream with vitamin E and want a touch of something special.

Texture : Same as the original, but with an infusion of rejuvenating rose.

Keyboard safe? Let it sit for a few minutes and then tap away!

Why you will love it : It is luxurious, soothing and envelops the skin in a veil of skin-smoothing moisture. Rose lovers are happy: This one is just for you.

For a touch of calm.

For whom? Lavender lover or someone looking for peace and comfort.

Texture : Just like the original, plus an infusion of soothing lavender oil that soothes the skin and senses.

Keyboard safe? Let it sit for a few minutes and then tap away!

Why you will love it : It is moisture-intensive, but melts wonderfully into the skin for silky-soft hands.

A favorite fortified with citrus fruits.

For whom? Dry hands that need a pick-me-up. If you've got lines, a little bit of discoloration, or hands that look a little dull – this is for you.

Texture : Creamy with some slip. It's thick enough that you get stiff tips while playing, but it melts seamlessly into your skin.

Keyboard safe? Give him a minute. You may see a bit of sheen on your spacebar, but if your hands are dry, you probably won't.

Why You Will Love It : It contains squalane and nourishing oils to deeply moisturize and soften the look of dry lines. A rejuvenating blend of orange peel, lemon extract, and salicylic acid helps lighten and smooth uneven skin color and texture.

A savior for parched or rough, dry hands.

For whom? Super dry or winter worn skin. Or anyone who wants to treat their hands with a moisturizing hand mask overnight.

Texture : Undoubtedly decadent. Super rich. Indulgent.

Keyboard safe? No. But for ultra-dry skin or for the brave, this is a good thing.

Why you will love it : It provides intense moisture – but also helps to prevent moisture loss. It's filled with emollient oils and squalane, fortified with vitamin B, and formulated with elastin to nourish, smooth, and soften all-in-one. Unless your skin is extremely dry, you will definitely feel like your hands are surrounded by a layer of moisture and care. (Your hands will also look better than ever before).

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