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Easy methods to calm confused skin

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No matter who or where we are, our lives have changed dramatically
in a few weeks. It is impossible not to be influenced by what is
further – and now that we're a month in a pandemic, one of the easiest
To cope with this, you need to find ways to reduce stress.

For most of us here at Badescu headquarters, prioritizing skin care time
is our chosen method of self-care. (Of course we are skin care fanatics here.) Here
There are a few #MBSkinTips on how we can calm stressed skin and make sense

Always have a fog ready .

Any facial
Spray is enough, but the aromatherapy drug cannot be denied
Properties that are associated with botanically infused mists. Lavender is
A classic companion to soothe our skin and senses, but really – it depends
on what you need at a certain moment:

  • For a rejuvenating refreshment, grab Rose .
  • For an invigorating boost, fill up green tea .
  • For peace and comfort, restore balance with Lavender .
  • For an uplifting pick-me-up, refresh yourself with orange blossom .

] Be kind to your skin .

Stress arises in many different ways – and it is usually seen
primarily on our skin. Whether it makes you break out, reactive or
red and irritated we would like to remind you to treat yourself gently.
Rework your skin in hopes of only fixing the problem
deteriorate everything you are going through: do not choose annoying
Pimples. Do not dry out your complexion or overly exfoliate with treatments
Strive for instant gratification.

Instead, balance becomes a priority . Reach for gentle
replenish skin care instead.

Seek balance .

Happy, healthy skin is balanced skin. The key is to adapt our typical routine to meet this new standard. Which means:

1. If you constantly wash and disinfect, you need to restore the moisture and moisture of your skin.

2. If you can stay at home all day, fight with heat or air conditioning around the clock. Or when you're on the go – especially if you're a healthcare professional – you're dealing with everything. * To make sure your skin stays balanced, take your moisturizing routine one step further by moisturizing your skin beforehand. This helps improve hydration and gives each moisturizer applied afterwards additional soothing botanical benefits. Some of our favorites are:

3. If your skin is seriously stressed, use a soothing face mask. Use Azulene Calming Mask (for all skin types) or Healing & Soothing Mask (for oily or disturbed skin types) after a long day. Each contains soothing botanicals and other soothing ingredients to restore, replenish and bring your skin back to life. Spray your skin generously after 15 to 20 minutes to simplify the removal process.

Finally, treat yourself to something.

  • Peeling with almond
    & Honey Face Scrub
    . It is decadent, creamy and positively delightful … and
    It is gentle on sensitive skin. It is also in a generous jar – which means you
    can also use it on your body without feeling guilty. Follow your favorite
    Facial moisturizer and body
  • Work in rose for additional hydration and a moist glow
    Hip care oil
    in your skin care. A few drops are
    Everything you need to reduce signs of dullness or dryness.
  • Improve your hand care. Treat your hands as you would
    Your face and as often as you can: spray your hands with yours
    Favorite facial spray apply a few drops super peptides
    for next level moisture and smoothing benefits
    Follow with a generous layer of your favorite
    Hand cream
    . Then put on your gloves to lock everything in place
    you remove them, voila! Baby soft hands.

. .

* To our health care heroes: We are more grateful than ever for your steadfast support and daily bravery. Thanks a lot.

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