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Every little thing about our Kukui & Jojoba Pearl Peeling

We hear so many questions and a lot of misinformation when it comes to peels. In particular, we are asked why some peels may be too hard for reactive or sensitive skin, as well as discussions about their effects on the planet.

We talk regularly on the blog and on our social channels about the benefits – and indeed the need – of exfoliating sensitive skin . However, we thought that refreshing the environmental impact of these miracle products could also be helpful.

What are microspheres?

In the skin care industry, these tiny plastic beads were previously used in peelings and peels to remove the dead skin cells. The microplastics were then rinsed into the sink and into our water systems – a direct source of ocean pollution.

Since the start, we have been vehemently opposed to the use of microspheres in personal care and household cleaning products. So much so that we – along with three other British beauty brands – wrote to the British Prime Minister to demand their final ban in 2016. The letter coincided with the filing of a # BanTheBead petition with over 300,000 signatures on June 8, World Ocean Day. Something we are proud of has now been incorporated into legislation.

What is the alternative to microspheres?

At Pai – we want to make it easy for our customers to make good decisions by developing products they know are good for their skin as well as the planet are. That is why we manufacture our peeling with the most gentle and effective alternative to plastic microspheres – 100% natural and biodegradable jojoba pearls. They go to work to remove this dull skin without irritating the healthy cells underneath. And because they're perfectly spherical, they roll over your skin instead of tearing or cutting them. This is often the case with irregularly shaped and sharp-edged sugar and rice scrubs .

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<h3> <span style= Have you tried our Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator?

Regular peeling helps the skin to feel good for two reasons. First, when you peel off the dead skins on the top decongestants and help fight boredom. Perhaps more importantly, removing the surface cells can make all carefully selected skin care and makeup products work much more effectively. Instead of sitting on dead skin and exposing those healthy cells underneath, all of your products can be fully absorbed and used. Our peeling also consists of nourishing Kukui oil – packed with Omegas 3 & 6 to nourish the skin and protect its sensitive moisture barrier. Which means even more moisture and radiance for you!

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