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Get to know the illustrator behind our collection of natural treasures

Our Christmas collection is about celebrating the powerful plant extracts – from rose hip to camellia – that are in Pai products. When choosing an artist for the packaging, we wanted to find someone who loves these natural resources as much as we do. When we discovered London-based illustrator Eleanor Percival, we knew right away that we had found our perfect match.

The perfect partnership

“I work in a very cute shed in the back of my garden and can look at the birds and plants, it's beautiful. I am very interested in many different topics and I think that influences my work a lot. I am obsessed with nature and love gardening. My parents were both great gardeners, that's a big interest for me. I think I always loved drawing plants and flowers and it was really fun getting paid for it instead of just doing it for myself! "

Immediately Inspired

"I loved making rose hip illustrations – I have never painted them and they are so beautiful colors and lovely shapes." Making the camellias was great too – I literally have a white camellia right outside my window so I can look at it all the time. "

Illustration of the ingredients

“I usually work with watercolor, which is my favorite medium. But I use pretty much everything that fits the project. For the rose hip illustrations, I tried a few different things; First ink, then I tried watercolor. The sketches that came out best were the ones I made with colored pencil.

They just had a nice texture, and when I scanned them in and started working with them on the computer, they were the ones with the most effective lines and they looked the most spontaneously from illustrations. "

Bringing the designs to life

“After I scanned them in, I worked with the designer at Pai. We tried many different colors and found out which ones are the most suitable for these products. And that was really nice, I love working with such colors. It was fantastic. "

Eleanor's Pai Picks

“The Natural Treasures Collection is a product that I actually use. So it was nice to think about her when others discovered her. The Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil is one of my absolute favorites! It's really easy to use, but it still feels very luxurious and my god, the smell is incredible! It is a brilliant product if you feel lazy but also want something very special. My other favorite product is Age Confidence Oil, it also feels totally luxurious! "

photo @ eleanorpercival85

Our Christmas sets with natural treasures are now available – naturally packed in gift boxes with Eleanor's beautiful illustrations. Choose from our BioRegenerate rosehip oil in its original size, limited edition 40 ml Light Work rosehip cleaning oil and our heroes in their original size in the Natural Treasures Hero Set. It contains a bio-regenerated rose hip oil (30 ml), a gentle moisturizer for camellias and roses (200 ml) and a soothing day cream for chamomile and rose hip (10 ml). Buy these natural treasures and other skin-friendly gifts now in our Christmas gift guide.


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