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How are you bull? Carmen

Our limited edition Christmas gift sets are the perfect gifts for any sign. Every week we bring you the typical products and references of a sign so that you can see why the In Your Element Kit is so up to date.

Carmen, Pais cosmetic chemist, is a bull and an earth sign!

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<h3> Describe your character in five words … </h3>
<p> <span style= "Thoughtful, open-minded, adventurous, organized, expressive"

On morning routines

“I sleep a few times, then I get up and turn on the radio. Brush your teeth, do skin care and make-up, then put on and get started! "

About Bedtime Routines

“I put on Netflix in the background, showered and removed my make-up, followed by my skin care. As soon as I'm in bed, I end the Netflix show I started, then the eye mask is open and the earplugs are plugged in. Oh, and check if my alarm clock has been set! "

On zodiac signs

"I'm a bull, but I don't believe in horoscopes … I prefer the Myers Brigg test!"

On productivity

"I switched my phone to Do Not Disturb so that not all of my notifications are shown."

When buying gifts

"I love buying gifts for my closest friends because I know exactly what they want or need."

What you shouldn't buy a bull on

"Once I got an A5 notebook from a secret Santa Claus."

Last minute Christmas shopping

“In the week before Christmas, I usually bought all my presents and am in the middle of the packaging. I try to avoid the shops and to put most things online if possible. "

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