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How can I preserve my skin cool in summer season?

Hot weather can cause sensitive skin to feel irritated more than ever, especially in diseases such as urticaria and rosacea that are naturally hot or prickly.

Here are some tips to keep you cool this summer:

1. Store skin care products in the refrigerator to keep your morning and evening routines cool and calm. Our day creams, eye creams, body creams and tonics can all deal with the cold.

2. Natural fabrics such as cotton, silk or linen fibers are your friends in the heat, and if your skin is particularly reactive, then try to get loose fits.

3. We all love a relaxing bath, but irritated skin can react poorly to hot baths. Keep the showers as cold as possible to give your skin a cooling relief.

4. Switching between hot roads and cold air conditioning can affect the valuable moisture content of your skin. Give your skin a hydrating boost by adding a serum to your regime. The tiny water-carrying molecules of our Back To Life Hydration Serum quickly get into the skin and ensure long-lasting hydration without irritation.

5. The creation of a protective barrier for the skin also traps moisture. Try adding a nourishing facial oil to your routine, such as our rose hip organic regenerating oil.

6. At Pai headquarters, there is no desktop without one of our refreshing tonics to steam up the midday heat. You can also keep yours in the fridge, in your purse, or in your hand luggage bag to get a cool splash whenever you need the most reassurance.

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