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How have you learnt when your facial oil has gone dangerous?

Not many of us like to throw away skin care products until they are fully used. When it comes to face oils it means that many consumers use oxidized oils that are not at their best.

We are often asked how we should know when our best-selling facial oil, rose hip, has gone rancid. How long does rosehip oil last? And what happens when you use expired rosehip oil?

Whether you use our rosehip oil or another type of facial oil, here's our advice on how to tell when your facial oil has gone bad …

Why you need to take care of your facial oil

Facial oils have higher prices than most moisturizers because they contain more active ingredients. Therefore, they tend to deliver faster results.

Organic facial oils can, however, be very fragile and oxidize with minimal contact with air and sunlight. As a result, many of us may not be using more active facial oils that have far less skin benefits than we think.

To ensure that your rosehip oil is optimal, you should keep the following features in mind:

  1. Aroma

Rancid oils are best recognized by their aroma, which is usually musty and sour on the nose – a bit like old butter! Rose hip oil should smell rather earthy . So if it starts to smell a bit sour, it can be a sign that it has expired.

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Oils can lose their color depth due to oxidation. A good rosehip oil should be a bright orange, for example – which indicates the presence of many skin-protecting carotenoids! A sign of an expired rosehip oil is therefore paler.

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Bold Profiles

Oils that are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids are incredibly popular facial oils because they feel light and velvety on the skin.

Polyunsaturated fats are much more susceptible to oxidation. Therefore, pay attention to oils such as borage, hemp and safflower, as these facial oils drain faster.

How to keep your facial oil optimal

Make your beauty investment worthwhile by maximizing the life of your face oil.

Store in a cool place without direct sunlight (ideally in the original packaging) and do not leave it unsealed for a long time.

At Pai we help you by adding 100% natural vitamin E (from sunflowers) to our bestseller BioRegenerierter Rosehip Oil . This antioxidant extends the lifespan of rose hip oil and protects the skin from harmful environmental influences such as UV rays and pollution.

We also strive to use CO2 extracts over cold-pressed extracts when it comes to particularly fragile oils such as rose hips. Since there is no oxygen during the extraction process, the CO2 extracts stay at their best for 18 months compared to the lifespan of cold pressed extracts of 3 to 6 months.

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