How I Caused My Adult Acne

It is #acneawarenessmonth and I will not write about it.

I think everyone knows exactly whether they have acne, it's the most common skin condition in the United States.

The interesting thing is the opposite: many people are not aware that they have good skin, and even #clearskin and even #skingoals skin … and this can cause them to develop their acne. I was there.

So this post is really about #clearskinawareness – because it is really important.

How I Caused My Adult Acne

I had clear skin for years and didn't know it.

It was consistently clear. Occasionally, I have rarely got blackheads or pimples.

But I thought I had full blown acne.


Because when I got mild acne at the age of 12, it was the girl with whom I identified myself into adulthood.

After experimenting with different solutions for about 8 years, my skin finally cleared up – no scars either.

So I had the clear skin, but I didn't see the clear skin. I didn't know I was hacking acne and I didn't trust my knowledge of it.

This put me in a very vulnerable position …

Because after about 5 years of clear skin I became aware of an acne trainer who spoke about "natural skin care" …

I was fascinated to see all the testimonials from people who are said to have clear skin because they used manuka honey and jojoba oil on their faces – and some because they did nothing at all (Caveman regimes).

I tried the Manuka honey for a few weeks and got 3 new pimples (which was a lot for me at the time). But I trusted it wasn't the honey on my face … and blamed myself.

I decided there was something wrong with me when I got these 3 new pimples and so my natural skin care experiment started – again! (Because when I was 19 I had spoiled my skin with jojoba oil the last time I had visible acne).

I removed most of my "chemical skin care" except for the cleaner in the PM and switched to manuka honey and jojoba oil. But I also decided to reset my entire diet and follow the # Whole30 diet.

I completely removed gluten, dairy, soy, sugar and caffeine. I have probably taken 15 different supplements a day. I also trained very regularly.

My skin got worse the next month …

I found jojoba oil too clogged, so I would try argan oil next month as it has a comedogenicity rating of 0.

Again my skin got worse the next month …

I woke up and grabbed my forehead and fell asleep and plucked my forehead.

I decided that it was probably a health problem, so I went to my doctor, did all the tests, and he told me that I was "in perfect health".

That was not good enough, so I went to a health practitioner and did all of their (expensive!) Tests and found out that my cortisol levels were going through the roof – they were literally twice as high as normal people.

So I decided on my hormones !! YOU CAUSE THIS !!!

This conclusion felt terrible. I felt like my body was missing me. Wtf body, why do you have to play me like dis?

I was just thinking about acne. Acne acne acne. Why did that happen to me? I've researched every possible acne question you can think of, and looked for studies to prove or refute any claim about acne and its causes.

There was little consensus. And I realized that everyone is guessing. Nobody really knew anything!

Divine Intervention

And then one day I ran and of course thought of my skin when I thought of a new thought.

"What if it is the oils? It all started after listening to this acne trainer."

I swear to God, this moment is so divine that I will remember it forever.

When I got home from my run, I cleared away everything natural and took out all of my previous products. I had a theory to test and was confident for the first time in months.

And my life has changed.

From that day on, I haven't put a drop of oil on my skin to this day (unless I can't put a large piece of lettuce in my mouth, but still try to get olive oil on my cheeks or chin, and in the end you get it a random outbreak at this point, but I agree because it is the cost of eating large lettuce.

My skin changed, I started to relax and trusted my body again.

I felt lighter as if an enormous weight had been lifted.

But what was really lifted was my preconceived notions of skin!

No, the skin cannot be tricked by applying oil to regulate sebum production.
No, your skin does not breathe through the pores, but through the blood.
No, your skin does not store toxins on the surface.
No, your pores do not open or close.
No, your skin does not detoxify through your pores or through sweating.
No, your skin does not absorb a 60% discount on what you put on it and this figure is made up.
No, you don't need oil to effectively remove makeup, and it actually leaves all the bacteria and nonsense on your skin.
No, oils do not clog, even if the comedogenicity scale does not indicate this.
No, oils are not the best moisturizer and can even curb dryness.
No, you don't have to be afraid of chemicals since nature consists of them.
No, food has not been tested for safety for topical use and can actually be very irritating.
No, it's not a good idea to ever skip sunscreen.
No, you don't have to be very restrictive with your food.
No, your hormones are not always to blame.
No, there is nothing wrong with you.

I have taken many restrictive views on how skin works because the internet has been and is full of completely wrong information that has prevented me from doing what my skin would actually heal.

The development of my own acne was STRESSFUL, which fucked with my hormones, which made my well-being very strong and contributed to the inflammation in my body.

Yes, acne is stressful. My hormone levels have proven it.

What this experience taught me

This experience taught me that constipation begins in the pore and that my skin rebels when I use clogged or irritating skin care products.

It became clear to me that I placed a lot of trust in people who did not provide any real proof of success (no real before and after photos). Some of them didn't even have acne.

I have given more credit to other people's opinions than my common sense because they have guru or expert status, and this was a pill that was difficult to swallow.

But it forced me to learn how the skin and body really worked so that I could take care of it without thinking about it.

I learned how to see a myth from a mile away and stop following terrible advice on the Internet.

Because that's the only reason I developed #adultacne – the terrible advice. It wasn't my hormones, it wasn't my diet, there was nothing wrong with me. Except maybe that …

I didn't love myself enough to know that nothing was wrong with me.

The most important thing I learned was to love and accept myself – every enlarged pore, every peculiarity, my rebellious mind.

I accepted the mistakes of the past and stopped doing it myself. I did my best and at least learned a lot.

I also learned what clear skin looks like. All I had to do was look at photos of my skin with this acne and my current skin.

The difference was huge.

What is clear skin?

I started paying more attention to people with clear skin and I saw that our skin actually looked similar.

People with clear skin also get blackheads and occasionally inflamed pimples. They have structural irregularities and discoloration.

I adored clear skin so much that I became blind to my own clear skin.

The problem with the comparison is that it is always very crooked. We look at someone at arm's length and compare them to how our skin looks an inch from the mirror – or worse, what it looks like in a magnifying mirror.

Or worse, we compare our skin with a photoshopped / facetuned / filtered AF photo of "Haut".

It is such an imprecise and unfair comparison that we always feel bad.

But we do this to ourselves and then convince ourselves that there is something to repair, and then CREATE what we want to repair …

Please don't make my mistake.

I have worked privately with over 200 women and acne awareness is not the problem. It is clear that people have no skin awareness.

Many women simply don't even know what clear skin looks like, but are convinced that they don't have one.

As a result, they try to fix something that isn't broken. This leads them to try out every new cream / lotion / potion on the market. This causes them to cause acne, rosacea, eczema and / or melasma.

Everyone wants to take good care of their skin, and this is important because well-formulated products can prevent a lot of damage …

However, there are very few well-formulated products on the market – and the more you experiment, the more likely you are to stumble across the problem and damage your skin.

To experience clear skin, you have to be able to see yourself clearly . The only way to see yourself clearly is love.

If you feel good, you are less likely to try to damage skin care! 🙂

I would like to hear if you have had a similar experience to me and where you are on the way to cleansing your skin and loving yourself!


PS. You can work with me privately to create a custom routine that really fits your skin! Look at the progress pictures of my customers – I have many! 😀

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