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How Most cancers Are You? Katya

Our limited Christmas gifts are a perfect gift for any sign. Every week we bring you the typical products and pointers of a label so you can see why the In Your Element Kit is so up to date.

This is Katya, our content & experience specialist, a cancer and watermark. If you've ever called or have a helper number, you've probably chatted with this watermark!

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<h3> On morning routines </h3>
<p> <span style= "I wash my face, apply skin care and make-up, get dressed and have breakfast with a cup of tea."

At bedtime

"Remove my makeup, take a shower, apply my skin care, put on pajamas, and then go to bed with another cup of tea!"

On zodiac signs

"I know I am a cancer and our element is water and we are home birds (I think?)"

About Buying Gifts

"I love shopping for my boyfriend because I'm usually a villain and I love to see his reaction when he opens it."

What you shouldn't buy cancer for

“Once I got a selection of strongly shimmering lip glosses. I know it's a cliché, but I would love a puppy! "

For Christmas shopping

“I'm SO last minute when it comes to Christmas shopping and I usually do everything in the last week of December, but I love the Christmas buzz of everyone walking around and getting last minute gifts. It makes me so excited. "

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