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How Oil Cleaners Work

It has been almost a year since the launch of our popular Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil . We introduced it because our double cleansing customers were urgently looking for a makeup remover that didn't sting or burn their sensitive skin. And a year later we answered another request from our customers – also a travel-friendly size.

What do oil cleaners do?

We are often asked whether oil cleaners really work – the answer is a resounding yes! The way an oil or water purifier works is pretty clever. Oils – like the mixture in our rosehip cleaning oil – naturally adhere to other oils that your skin naturally produces (also known as sebum) and to those that are included in makeup.

How do oil cleaners work and how are they used?

If you massage an oil cleanser into your skin, the cleanser adheres to all the excess sebum and makeup to properly remove them all.

Once you have moistened your hands and added water to the mixture, the cleaner becomes cloudy and a little milky when it emulsifies. That means that when you wash off the cleaner, the dirt of the day is removed.

Do you use detergents after cleaning oil?

If you regularly wear SPF or heavy make-up, we recommend double cleaning . This means adding a regular cream cleaner to your oil cleaner. It ensures that every dirt stain and accumulation is removed and that you have super clean skin. We recommend our double cleaning bundle as it offers a soothing deep cleansing for sensitive skin.

No cream cleaner has to follow your oil cleaner. Just make sure you wash off the oil cleaner so that no residue is left on your skin.

Why Use an Oil Cleaner?

The best pieces? It is not only suitable for sensitive skin and eczema, but also saves the use of make-up removal wipes and cotton pads. No equipment required!

Wipes are not only unnecessarily wasteful, but also require a high proportion of irritating preservatives, parabens, and alcohol to keep them stable (i.e., permanently moist). Definitely not good for sensitive skin that needs rest, is it?

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