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How Sagittarius Are You? Kate

Our limited edition Christmas gift sets are the perfect gifts for any sign. Every week we bring you the typical products and indications of a sign so that you can see why the In Your Element Kit is so up to date.

Next up is Sagittarius and Customer Experience Lead, Kate. If you've ever called or have a phone number, you've probably chatted with this fire sign!

Describe your character in five words …

"Friendly, smiling, friendly, honest and sociable"

On morning routines

"As soon as I wake up it's shower, skin care, lunch, breakfast, hair and make-up, outside."

About Bedtime Routines

" Dinner, Netflix (watching suits!), Brushing your teeth, bed!"

About Working Out

"I only deal with a yoga class on Sunday morning."

On productivity

" Concentrate on one thing at a time and do not distract yourself with other things."

When buying gifts

“My mother is best to buy, she is easy to satisfy. I always wanted to have a Mulberry bag … Note! "

What you shouldn't buy a shooter

"I once got salt and pepper shakers, they were cute, but just useless for me!"

For Christmas shopping

"My only bad experiences were that I waited in line forever and wished I had ordered online!"

Which Christmas decoration best embodies you?

"Fairy Lights!"

What is your ultimate Christmas dinner?

"It's more on Boxing Day when we have turkey toasties with filling and cranberry sauce"

Favorite Christmas film?

"Jingle all the way"

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