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How to decide on the proper lip balm

We were recently asked by the Beauty Editor of the Green Bible by the ecologist Ruth Styles about our guide to the ultimate handbag – lip balm.

While there are thousands of lip smacking products on the market, here are our top tips for choosing the most natural of them all.

The most important thing about lip balm is that, unlike other skin care products, you take the ingredients almost immediately. So my advice would be to use only one product that you would like to eat!

Avoid petrochemicals such as super-common petrolatum, which have been linked to various health concerns and can sensitize the skin.

Beeswax provides effective protection against cracking and harsh weather conditions, while butter and vegetable oils nourish the soft, smooth lips every day.

Pay attention to the Soil Association's organic kitemark to ensure you get the purest pesticide-free product.

However, try to use lip balm sparingly, as excessive application can cause your lips to dry out faster in the long run.

If you are in the market for new lip balm love, try our Bergamot Organic Lip Balm which recently received the Beauty Shortlist Award for the best lip balm!

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