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How to Use Your Pai Jade Roller

As you know, gifts shouldn't be kept just for Christmas. We like to do it all year round. So if you're lucky enough to receive one of our beautiful jade rollers with your Pai order this month, you may be wondering what exactly does it do and how it works.

What is a jade roller?

Made from a non-chemically treated nephrite jade, your pretty roller is a facial massager. The reason why they are made from jade? Jade is a semi-precious stone that has been used in crystal and gemstone medicine for thousands of years. The benefits of jade for both the body and for health and well-being are believed to range from the balance of energy, emotional healing, immune system, kidney and adrenal health to protective properties.

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<h3> Jade Face Roller Skin Benefits </h3>
<li style= Contrary to our hands, Jade stays cool when it rolls over the skin. This is especially good news for people with hot, reactive and slightly irritated skin. You may want to keep yours in the fridge for an even cooler facial massage. Even the most sensitive skin can enjoy this soothing daily ritual.

  • By massaging the face, we actually do a lymphatic drainage. This is the key to our body's natural detoxification ability and an important benefit for the Jaderoller.
  • With every facial massage – tapping, rolling or manual movement – blood flows under the surface. This promotes blood circulation and transports all of the glow, which also repairs oxygen.
  • If you have a tool in your bathroom shelf, you will be encouraged and reminded to take a moment every day. A soothing, nurturing ritual like a facial massage can also help reduce stress and anxiety.
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<h3> Use of a jade roller </h3>
<p> <span style= First, the good news is that you can't overdo it. So you can use your jade roller as many times as you want, as long as you want. If you have time, try for a minute every morning and evening.

    We recommend that you start each rolling motion from a point that is exactly between your eyebrows. Then carefully roll back and forth 3-5 times from there to the hairline.

    If you want to roll with a little more pressure to relieve tension, do so with the upward moves. This way you work with the facial muscles and not against them.

    Don't forget your jaw. For this area, start with your chin and roll along the jaw until it hits your ears. Then drive that natural groove down to your neck.

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<h3> How a Jade Roller Works with Your Routine </h3>
<p> <span style= Tomorrow: Use your roller on clean skin without any products. This will wake up the skin perfectly before you apply the moisturizer.

    Evening: You might want to use your scooter with products at the end of the day if you're in a less hurry! Once you have thoroughly cleaned your skin, apply your serum or facial oil as usual. Then do your facial massage. Clean your roller with water and a towel every night to remove any remaining products.

    Remember, if you stock up on skin care products this month, you will get your own free jade roller for every order over £ 80 while supplies last.


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