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I’m a yoga trainer: that is my ROSACEA story

We asked the Pai team's favorite yogi Lauren Wilkie to tell us all about their skin journey …


When I was growing up, I never had any problems with my skin, but when I reached twenty, things went downhill. I developed red spots around my nose and on my cheeks with small spots that looked like pimples. This was diagnosed as rosacea. After using topical antibiotics (the first left bleach stains on my towels, the second only worked sporadically), I started to investigate the causes of my condition.


I tried to control this by restricting or eliminating certain foods (milk products, coffee, red wine, all spicy) and avoiding environments that could lead to deterioration. hot weather, cold weather, hot yoga. None of these measures appeared to have any effect.

I started feeling guilty when I was drinking a glass of wine, or anxious when I couldn't control what I was eating – and really felt like I was missing out on the fun things in life. The worst part was that my skin was no better. It seemed that the worse I tried to control it, the worse it got – not knowing what would trigger a reaction was the worst part.


I stumbled across a friend about Pai and was happy to see that they developed skin care products specifically for rosacea and sensitive skin. I was even more excited when I discovered that the products did not contain any nasty ingredients like parabens and methyl alcohols (chemicals that I tried to avoid unsuccessfully). I wasn't ready to compromise on luxury, and it seemed like there was no other option until Pai.


After using the Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser and Chamomile & Rosehip Soothing Day Cream for less than a week, I noticed a clear difference in my face. The redness was much calmer and the unaffected areas glowed healthy. A few weeks later, I decided to simplify my routine (no more topical antibiotics) and just stick to Pai products. The red spots cleared up and not even a trip to India, which brought hot weather, hot curry and lots of milk, triggered a reaction.

Eighteen months later, and I feel totally liberated now! My skin reflects the healthy lifestyle I live, and I don't have to worry about occasional coffee or a piece of cheese. The best thing is, I feel much safer in my appearance – yes, even without makeup! Pai allowed me to love my face again and gave me the confidence to feel like myself.

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