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Is your skin dehydrated?

Have you ever thought you dehydrated your skin? Especially in winter there is a lot of talk about dehydrated skin. But how do you know if your skin is actually dehydrated?

The first thing to know is that dehydrated skin is different from drier. Dry skin is a skin type – it is the skin that you were born with or that you have developed over the years. Dehydrated skin is a skin condition or temporary condition that any skin type can suffer from.

Simply put, the difference is that dehydrated skin lacks moisture and dry skin type lacks oil.

You are likely to have dehydrated skin in one place or another regardless of your skin type. Read on to find out how to easily check if your skin is dehydrated and what are the most common causes of dehydrated skin.

Look and Feel

Look in the mirror. Does your skin appear dull and paper-like? Does it ever feel tight? Especially after cleaning? T These are all telltale signs of dehydration.

People with sensitive skin are more susceptible to this type of dehydration than others because the skin's barrier is already at risk and we are therefore more susceptible to this lack of moisture.

One way to check this is to do the pinch test.

Carefully lift the skin on your cheek with your index finger and see if horizontal lines are visible. If the skin is very dehydrated, these lines can appear without lifting the skin. The more lines you have when lifting your skin, the more dehydrated your skin is.

You can also determine when to use your products. Dry skin is only slowly absorbed. Dehydrated skin, on the other hand, is very thirsty and drinks it quickly.

The Moisture Eaters

Some of the main causes of dehydrated skin are:

(1) Air conditioning and central heating

Central heating and air conditioning provide more comfort in cold or hot weather, but can be responsible for the breakdown of your precious moisture.

(2) Sun exposure

As is known to be harmful to the skin, UVA is the main factor. If you spend too much time in the sun, your skin will dry out inside out.

(3) Strong skin care products

If you use products that are too hard, they can free your skin from its natural moisture content.

The best way to combat dehydration is from the inside out. Soak up more water and liquids. Keep an eye on how much alcohol and coffee you drink. Also, make sure you eat plenty of water-rich fruits, vegetables, and omega to give your skin the much-needed moisture balance.

Our Back to Life Hydration Serum moisturizes dehydrated skin. The light formula penetrates deeply and quickly into the skin and provides long-lasting moisture without irritating it.

If you are confused about your skin type, keep in mind that the Pai team are sensitive skin experts and are always on hand to help.

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