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Depending on your skin type, Banish products may all fit into your skin care routine, here is the recommended order for layering your Banish skin care products with others Skin care levels that you can incorporate.

Determine which category your ban product belongs to: either as a cleanser, face mask, serum, treatment, moisturizer, or mist.

No matter how many Banish products you have, this is the order to use your Banish products.

  1. Cleaning
  2. Masks (if you use them that day)
  3. Banisher (if you use it that day)
  4. Banish Oil (Serum)
  5. Fighter Gel (treatment)
  6. Vitamin C Cream (Moisturizer)
  7. Vitamin C Beauty Elixir – facial mist – can be used when the skin feels uncomfortable, greasy or tense.

1.Cleanse . This cleanser gently cools the skin and moderately foams to remove excess dirt, oils or makeup residues from the skin. If you're wearing heavy makeup, it's best to do a first cleanse with a makeup remover or cleansing balm to break up the makeup, and then clean with the All-Clear Mint Cleaner.

2. The Banish Masks like the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask or Activated Carbon Clay Mask can be used after cleaning The pumpkin enzyme mask can be used for peeling as it contains an AHA called glycolic acid or the activated carbon clay mask to deeply cleanse the pores and control the oil.

3. The Banisher can also be used after cleaning if it is part of your weekly skin care routine for acne scars . The banisher should be part of your routine if you need to treat areas with acne scars, fine lines, hyperpigmentation or stretch marks.

4. Next, use your serums like the Banish Oil . Although called an oil, banish oil is actually a vitamin C serum made from L-ascorbic acid, ferulic acid and vitamin E. Because it uses vegetable glycerin as a base, it can feel slightly sticky. Apply 1-3 drops and pat in.

5. Next, you should use treatments like the Fighter Gel . The Fighter Gel is ideal for acne, irritation and eczema.

6. For some people, only Banish Oil or Fighter Gel is moisturizing enough, but a moisturizer like Vitamin C Cream (19459003) (19459011) can be used if your skin is still dry or appears to be dehydrated.

7. Finally, you can spray on the Vitamin C Beauty Elixir to seal everything and refresh your skin and provide it with moisture. It is a facial mist that you can always have with you. It is ideal if your skin feels uncomfortable later in the day because moisture evaporates from the skin.

    Weekly banishing skin care with masks

    1. Banish activated carbon clay mask
    2. Banish Pumpkin Enzyme Masque
    3. Banish Oil
    4. Banishing fighter angels
    5. Banish vitamin C cream

    When do I use sunscreen?

    To protect the skin from UV rays, you should apply sunscreen every morning. Choose a sunscreen with UVA / UVB full spectrum protection. Sunscreens are used as the last step in your skin care routine.

    Can I use banish benzoyl peroxide?

    Yes, Benzoyl peroxide is considered a treatment step so you can use it after Banish Oil or before the Fighter Gel.

    Can I use my retinoid with Banish?

    Yes, you can apply it after the Banish Oil or before the Vitamin C Cream or the Fighter Gel.

    When do I apply Banish toner?

    Toner may be the first product to be used after a mask has been cleaned or washed, since toner or essence are used to prepare the mask for the subsequent application of products.

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