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Make-up vs delicate skin. Your burning questions

The best thing about Instagram – aside from the hours you were inspired by your vacation – is to hear your feedback and questions. And when it comes to the tricky topic of makeup, you have a lot of questions for us.

There was always a love-hate relationship between us sensitive souls and make-up. We instinctively want to reach for it when our faces flare up, but then the ingredients can irritate so often that it gets worse.

However, there are ways to get around this. Our specialists for sensitive skin have the answer to your burning questions, from the selection of natural products to careful and gentle techniques for removing makeup …

What makes makeup difficult for sensitive skin?

There are certain ingredients in makeup that can aggravate sensitive skin. Talc, PEGs, silicones, polymers, stabilizers and mineral oils are toxic ingredients and can make the skin itchy and uncomfortable. Avoid ingredients like: bismuth oxychloride – a by-product of lead, copper and tin, which is often found in mineral make-ups there are some water repellent properties. Although they give a smooth texture, they act like a film on the skin. Synthetic colors that are derived from petroleum and which are suspected of being carcinogens and skin irritants in humans. Opt for natural and organic products to avoid these ingredients.

Which make-up brands are best suited for sensitive skin?

We always suggest these shiny brands; Inika, RMS, Lily Lolo and Vapor.

How can you be as gentle as possible when you remove eye makeup with a cleansing oil?

Make sure that the eyes are closed tightly when you gently massage cleansing oil over the eyelids and over the eyelash line.

Are makeup wipes okay from time to time?

For so many reasons, no. Not only do they contain irritants that can make sensitive skin worse, they also do not effectively remove dirt and bacteria and increase the likelihood of breakouts. And don't even bring us up to date with your environmental impact …

How do you know if you have properly removed the sun protection factor?

If you use our Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil, the skin should feel soft and without stickiness after rinsing.

Can I use Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil to wash my skin without makeup?

Yes – it gently dissolves dirt, excess oil and surface residues and leaves the skin feeling clean and cared for.

Do I rub my eyes with this oil to remove makeup that is more prone to wrinkles?

On the contrary! The oil gives the skin a slip so that there are no wrinkles.

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