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Methods to e-book a spa therapy for delicate skin

When indulging in a facial or spa treatment, you should never worry about a reaction.

If your local spa does not yet offer Pai treatments, follow our guide to make visits a stress-free experience.

Check the itinerary

Some facial elements can simply be too much for reactive skin. It is therefore essential to inform yourself about the special features of your chosen treatment.

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<p> <span style= Not only ask your therapist what pressure you like, what skin problems and allergies you have, but also ask if the treatment involves one of the following steps:

facial massage

Our gentle pai treatments include massages, but we use a mix of acupressure and light lymphatic drainage to avoid rubbing and heat on sensitive skin.

Some massage techniques can be overly stimulating. Ask your therapist not to lose the light, or skip this step if you are extremely sensitive.


Although there is some satisfaction in saying goodbye to this lingering blackhead, the extraction can damage the skin and cause further irritation.

Ask your therapist to skip the steaming that often precedes the extraction (it is too intense for skin prone to redness) and to limit the bumping to only the most visible pores!


Dermabrasion, a more extreme version of the peel, essentially removes a layer of dead cells before they are ready to detach.

Most skin types become sensitive to sunlight after this treatment and can also aggravate broken capillaries and redness. Therefore, it is an absolute no-go for skin prone to rosacea.

Laser treatments

Aggressive laser treatments can further sensitize the skin, and reactive skin types often take longer to heal after this type of treatment.

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<h3> Ask what they are using. </h3>
<p> <span style= Before you commit to treatment, ask the spa what products they will use.

If necessary, ask if you can look at the list of ingredients and pay attention to the following:


Drying alcohols can occur in almost any stage of a facial treatment, but especially in toners and make-up removers.

To avoid sensitive skin becoming irritated and overdrying, report this to your therapist and ask him to keep your treatment strictly sober!

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<h4> <span style= Essential Oils

They may make creams smell heavenly, but a high content of essential oils can be just as attractive as synthetic fragrances – especially if they come from the citrus family.

Do you want aromatherapy? Instead, ask for essential oils in an oil burner to smell the room.

Alpha / Beta-hydroxy acids

These acids often come from fruits and are ideal for breaking down the glue that keeps dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.

On very sensitive skin, however, they have to be used in low concentrations. If you are not sure, ask your therapist to replace it with a very gentle peel with a soft muslin cloth or a jojoba pearl peel.

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<h3> <span style= BYOB – Bring your own beauty!

When in doubt, it doesn't hurt to bring some of your trustworthy products with you that you can use during your treatment. like your own non-toxic nail polishes or hand cream during manicure.

Every good spa should be accommodated, especially if it saves you discomfort.

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