Moss Fall Facial 2019

I made an autumn facial for you!

Wake + Detox: Lightly cover the skin with a non-comedogenic oil. Massage with the Kansa stick or Gua Sha to stimulate blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. Here's how to massage Gua Sha and Kansa's wand. (You can buy both Kansa and Gua Sha Tools on Amazon.)

Peeling: Reset Microdermabrasion Mousse

I don't exfoliate my skin regularly, but there are exfoliations twice a year (and deeply): at the beginning of autumn and spring.

In the fall, it is important to remove any residue or dead skin that prevents your skin from absorbing moisture (or other useful ingredients in your skin care). You could apply numerous moisturizing products, but if they don't absorb, your skin will remain dull and rough, and most skin care products will leave an uncomfortable layer on your skin.

For a deep peeling, I like to use a double-acting (both enzymatic and manual) peeling. The Reset Microdermabrasion Mousse with nano powder made of bamboo is suitable for a safe mechanical peeling and pumpkin enzyme for a gentle enzymatic boost.

Cleaning: cleaning balm with Beurre Celeste or guava honey.

These cleansing balms are wonderful for cleaning and waking the skin! They are so decadent and luxurious to use. You can also use a cleaning oil, but a balm tastes better.

Serum + Moisturizer – Adjust based on skin problems, see the tables below!

Maintenance for ALL SKINS further developed:

Use a Bakuchiol product daily to accelerate skin cell turnover.

Daily hydrate skin with lipid-based water and moisture.

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Here are the links to the facial massage:

Learn how to massage Gua Sha and Kansa's wand. (You can buy both Kansa and Gua Sha Tools on Amazon.)

Serum Table 2

Moisturizers Table 3

(Use your natural sebum content and breakout sensitivity to see what we recommend.)

Click here to download the Fall Facial Log.

Click here to download the product cheat sheet.

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