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Like most women, I love a multitasking product – the slimmer my handbag, the better.

After Lacey Gattis from the online beauty bible Into the Gloss revealed that she was using our Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream as a matte lip primer – I was looking for more space-saving ideas to share.

Here is a summary of some of the more inventive ways to use your Pai products, courtesy of our beauty-obsessed team here at Pai Headquarters!

Nicola, PR & Marketing Manager

My nails are very short and that's why I'm constantly fighting against hanging nails! One thing that really helps is rubbing excess rosehip bio-regenerated oil into it after massaging my face in the evening. This keeps my cuticles much softer and healthier and less likely to “fray”.

Navy, Cosmetic Chemist

I love applying a tiny drop of Royal Jasmine & May Chang Replenishing Body Oil to the tips of my hair after washing – the oil is rich in fatty omegas and helps to smooth and care for the hair shaft. However, remember to use only a small amount – you strive for smoothness and smoothness, not for oil slick!

Flo, PR and Marketing Assistant

In warmer weather just around the corner, I start getting my feet out of hibernation from boots and trainers. I use the super nourishing Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn hand cream every night before bed as a foot cream – my feet already look smoother and more hydrated.

Do you have pai multitaskers you can rely on to speed up your beauty routine?

Girl 19

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