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My Journey to Cruelty Free

I wanted to be a make-up artist since I was 17, but I had no idea how to do it. I spent about 8 years as a stockbroker in the city before I finally got the courage to do my dream job.

Like everyone else, I assumed that animal testing had ceased years ago. I did anti-vivisection marches when I was a teenager, and I never thought that this cruel, outdated test method still exists.

When I found out the truth 5 years ago, I was totally shocked. It was also shocking that nobody I spoke to knew about it.

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<p> No other make-up artists, friends or colleagues knew it, so I had to make it my business to raise awareness so that consumers knew what they were getting into and to stop this barbaric test method. </p>
<p> When I first got cruelty free, it was tough. However, for years I have been looking for smaller brands that I may have overlooked before, like Pai, and loved these smaller independent brands. </p>
<p> Words have come a long way, and using more niche brands has made my pro kit more diverse and interesting. </p>
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  • Invest in your skin. If you take care of your skin, your makeup will look better and fit better. Follow a good routine, always remove your makeup and try to use organic if possible. Remember that up to 60% of what gets on your skin gets into your body. It is therefore important not to overload it with harmful chemicals.
    1. Have at least one bright lipstick in your make-up bag. If you only have 30 seconds to put on your make-up, a bright lip and nothing else will lift your skin and your mood.

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