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Occasion desk: 5 minutes of routine

Like many women, while I like coming home and spending an hour getting ready – events after work usually mean a quick hair and make-up touch-up at my desk!

With the Christmas party I thought I would share my favorite tips and tricks to go from the office to the party in 5 minutes.

Keep it simple …

When I know that I'm out in the evening, I try to keep my day make-up as low as possible.

A hint of mascara, a hint of mineral powder and a quick stir of blush mean that I can add eyeshadow or lipstick later in the day without making my makeup "baked" or looking heavy.

The kit

If I have the right tools on hand, I can move quickly – these items are on my desk most of the time and can be thrown into my pocket when I have to get ready on the way:

– Hairbrush

– Lotus & Orange Blossoms BioAffinity Tonic

– Organic cotton buds

– Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

– Bergamot lip balm

– Mints

My routine

The taxi is outside and you have 5 minutes to get from the office to the party presentable.

1. Eye makeup tends to smear and flake all day. Inject a small Pump Cleanser onto a clean cotton swab and tidy up your peeper – and remove any stains or mascara flakes.

2. I like to refresh my skin with a good splash of our Lotus & Orange Blossom BioAffinity Tonic – it revitalizes tired skin without over-stimulating it and smells incredible. It is also a favorite with makeup artists as it leaves a beautiful moist expression on the skin.

3. A proven upside down brush lifts cloudy hair when you don't have styling tools on hand. There are now also some great natural hair powders (think dry shampoo) that also help increase volume.

4. Applying mineral makeup (I love Inika) to the skin should mask any blemishes or imperfections, while a little blush works wonders to lift the complexion.

5. A piece of lip balm followed by a natural lip gloss or lipstick of your choice to prepare your pout for the party. Then whip up a mint and let's go! Natural color cosmetics are very common with a number of strong pigments and luxurious textures. In my previous post you will find some good options.

I hope this is useful if you have an event or party that you can hurry to – have fun!

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