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Pai facial therapies launched at Beaumont Lodge Spa

Our range of Pai Professional treatments has just been launched as an exclusive spa partner at the luxurious Beaumont Hotel Spa in the heart of London's Mayfair.

If you've ever been worried that a facial may cause a reaction or your difficult skin might step back, you'll love our range of sensitive skin-friendly facials and body treatments.

With a range of specially developed certified organic and ultra-gentle spa products (plus some of your Pai favorites), they deliver unbeatable results without irritation.

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<p dir= But the philosophy behind every treatment is not only that beautiful products are used skillfully, there is so much more than that.

We are approaching our treatments almost from a psychodermatological point of view – taking into account the effects that stress can have on our skin. Each treatment focuses on calming the mind through techniques such as acupressure, cold stones, and even guided meditation.

If you experience the elegant surroundings of Beaumont's Art Deco Spa, you will leave with calmer skin and a calmer mind!

The full list of treatments and bookings can be found on the Beaumont Hotel website.

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