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Pai Thoughts Day 2020

Today is my friend Anna's birthday. She would have turned 44.

Nearly eight years ago, Anna committed suicide after fighting depression. The day she died, she should visit me for advice on her skin.

The Pai Mind Day, which takes place in the fourth year, marks Anna's special day and is a platform for raising awareness of mental health.

What is important is to normalize it. Every fourth of us has a mental health problem on a certain day. I suspect that the statistics are currently underestimated.

Anna felt unable to speak about the pain she was in or to access the right support. We need to make sure that others find their voice and don't feel so alone.

This year, we continue to support Mind, Britain's leading mental health charity, and one that Anna's parents have supported tirelessly since her death.

Mind provides support through its hotline and has recently helped people with mental stress manage locks and loosening. As well as possible new challenges like the performance system.

Mind is also committed to reforming the Mental Health Act – laws that black people are four times more likely to be divided into sections and three times more likely to be held in hospital or kept in isolation.

We will donate 50% of the sales of to Mind Today.


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If you have concerns about your own mental health or that of someone close to you, visit Mind for more advice and support.

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