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Pai wins its first Manufacturing Award!

I am very happy to announce that Pai has won its first manufacturing award!

The EEF Manufacturing Awards recognize successes and advances in manufacturing – including brands such as Rolls Royce to Pai.

On Tuesday we were announced at the EEF Manufacturing Awards as a regional winner for export development in the southeast. We have now entered the national final to win the entire UK Export Development Award – so keep your fingers crossed!

The EDF judges said the following:

“We are impressed by the progress this young company is making in its export efforts. They took a practical approach to market research, ran intelligent PR and marketing campaigns, and used the technology. Thanks to the excellent market selection and flexibility, this company remains with very good results. "

The best kept secret of the beauty industry is that most skin care brands don't manufacture their own products. The majority outsource both development and manufacture to external formulators and factories.

At Pai we are so proud to stand out from the crowd and make our own products here in London. This means that we never compromise or compromise on quality or creation and can monitor the process every step of the way.

I am very pleased with our team of formulators, chemists and manufacturing experts and would like to thank the EDF for recognizing beauty products made in the UK.

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