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Post-Halloween Madness: How To Bring Clarity Back To Your Skin

Does the face feel a bit clogged, tense or uncomfortable after Halloween after the make-up madness? To restore clarity:

Remove your makeup.

Thoroughly – as in, leave no traces. We recommend using one of these makeup removers to remove the intense eye makeup before you start cleaning. If you've also used your face makeup heavily, try the following: #MBSkinTip: Remove your makeup with cleansing milk containing clove and rice oil, and then use a washable face detergent such as Enzyme Cleansing Gel to do a thorough To ensure cleaning.

Press the reset button.

After a thorough process of removing and cleaning makeup, you should allow 20 minutes for skin R&R with one of our tonic masks. Mario Badescu “Tonic Masks” are clay masks that clean and clarify the skin. This is exactly what the skin requires after Halloween to restart and restart.

Not sure which mask is right for your skin type? Here is the 411:

  • Flower & T onic Mask is the gentlest mask in our tonic mask collection. This is a mask based on gardenia and clay that restores balance by removing impurities from the skin while improving moisture retention, making all skin types (including sensitive ones) appear smoother and more refined.
  • Take a step up and you have our Orange Tonic Mask and Strawberry Tonic Mask . Both are formulated with a kaolin and zinc oxide base to cleanse and tighten the appearance of the pores, and offer additional oil-absorbing properties to the really thoroughly cleaned skin. Orange Tonic Mask contains orange peel to rejuvenate and prevent pore clogging, while Strawberry Tonic Mask is mixed with Strawberry (a source of vitamin C) to give the skin a radiant boost.
  • Then there is the strongest of the four: Cucumber Tonic Mask . This powerful cleansing formula was developed for very oily or constipated skin and leaves a refined, smooth and radiant complexion. It is enriched with cucumber and formulated with natural minerals to clarify. This makes it an essential mask to get your skin back in the shape of makeup madness before Halloween.
  • And for problem areas try this #MBSkinTip: Apply buffer lotion to these broken-through areas and then apply a thin, even layer dry mask . This is an effective clarifying solution, with the help of which existing skin imperfections and bumps under the skin can be dried.

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Here you can buy our Tonic Masks .

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