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Prime three Gel Moisturizers & Water Primarily based Serums for Oily Skin

Gel moisturizers are the skin care products of the year – and although they are not new to the Mario Badescu line (they have been part of our core collection for several decades), there is no perfect time for aligning our favorite gel formulas than now.

Water-based formulas are a blessing for greasy, disturbed or constipated skin types: they provide the moisture your skin needs without the shine that conventional face creams leave behind. In the summer, gel moisturizers become a universal favorite. With oppressive heat and moisture, we all long for something light and refreshing – how can you provide your skin with moisture better than with a tall glass of water, literally and also through your skin care?

These are our top three gel-based moisturizers and water-based serums that have been making waves since the 1980s:

When Herbal Hydrating Serum was first launched in the 1980s, it was aptly referred to as "Spring & Summer Drops" due to its formula for perfect warm weather. What was supposed to be a seasonal release was brought back by popular request and renamed "Herbal Hydrating Serum".

Since then, this gel serum has been an integral part of all skin care systems, regardless of skin type. With invigorating plant extracts such as ginkgo and ginseng, which give the complexion a refreshing boost, and glycolipid ceramides, which help bind water to the skin, Herbal Hydrating Serum is essentially like giving the skin a drink with infused H2O .

Oily skin types love its ultra-light texture and dry skin types love it for its versatility. Wear the Herbal Hydrating Serum alone or layer it over your favorite moisturizer – either way, it gives the skin a fresh finish.

"Acne" and "Serum" are two words that don't seem to match – but in the world of Mario Badescu they can and do.

Anti-acne serum is another ultra-light gel that slides on easily and penetrates seamlessly into the skin. The special thing about this product is that thanks to its oil-free formula of salicylic acid and thyme extract, it suddenly balances, hydrates and promotes a clearer complexion. In just one step, you get the moisture you need and the clarification measures that are essential for happy skin and maintain it.

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<p style= This light, oil-free eye gel is unique in its texture and formulated with water-binding ceramides. It absorbs seamlessly and provides essential moisture without feeling heavy on the skin. It's refreshing to use as it is, but we recommend storing the jar in the fridge to give your skin care an extra cooling wake-up boost.

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