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Private coach Katie Grey shares her suggestions for comfortable skin

Katie Gray is a leading personal trainer, Pilates instructor, and founder of "Kind by KG" . Your mission? T Women who give tools and techniques to exercise in a way that is good for their bodies. "I want women to understand that they don't have to beat up their bodies to see results or feel good." That there is an alternative for which your mind and body will thank you. “In the third of our holistic series of happy skin experts, we asked Katie to share her opinion on fitness, skin care, nutrition and this all-important double cleansing!

Pai: What are the positive effects of exercise on the skin?

Katie: “First of all, sweating helps remove toxins from the body and then regenerate the skin cells. Exercise is also a mood enhancer and can help relieve stress – both of which help fight the signs of premature aging. "

The negative effects of exercise on the skin are not due to the activity itself, but to how well we prepare and how quickly we can take a shower afterwards.

P: Can it also have a negative effect on the skin?

K: “Even if sport has great advantages for the skin, it can also increase free radicals and oxidative stress. If you don't remove the makeup before your workout, jams and errors can occur if the makeup gets into your pores. Double cleaning changed my life! Dramatic, but true. Our sweat also contains ammonia and urea, which, if left on the skin for too long, can cause irritation and inflammation. "

P: What is the only advice you can give about happy, healthy skin?

K: " Take your makeup off properly every night before going to bed. Oh and always be careful in the sun … your older self will thank you! "

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<h3> <strong> P: "What would be your top tips for people who want to improve their diet? </strong> </h3>
<li class= ‘Make sure you drink enough water, especially if you're training that day too. I find it easier to just carry a reusable bottle in my pocket because there is a gas station in so many places these days. It is much more environmentally friendly and much cheaper than buying a lot of water bottles!

  • Weekly a meat-free day! #meatfreemonday can be found everywhere on social media and for good reason. You already know the health and environmental benefits, but it can also be cheaper. It's also always a good thing to make your diet more varied.
  • Finally, take care of your intestinal health with probiotics. Disorders of the intestinal bacteria are associated with some of the most serious chronic diseases in the world. The first thing I do every morning is to take one called Symprove and I really notice a difference in puffiness, but also how I feel overall. "
  •  Pai Skincares double cleaning bundle for a more thorough cleaning for sensitive skin. "Width =" 840 "height =" 481 "/> </p>
<h3> P: What are your skin care products? </h3>
<p> <span style= K: "Before I started using Pai products, I never cleaned twice – but now I'm obsessed and have noticed such a difference in the clarity of my skin." Obviously my two favorite products are the Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil and Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser ! & # 39;

    P: Have you ever had a day, a month, or a year with bad skin?

    K: " Yes, a few years ago when I had (or lacked) cycle problems, I had a long period of chin outbreaks that I hated ! I've always been lucky enough to have clear skin and I felt really uncomfortable trying to cover up the breakouts while trying not to make them worse. At this time I felt that I really lacked confidence. "

    Quotes on life after …

    "A calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence – and this is very important for good health" – Dalai Lama

    Find Katie on Instagram @katiegrayfit .

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