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The advent of a new year is always a good time to take some skin breakups for the coming months, especially if you pampered yourself like me during the festive season!

Drinking alcohol and eating foods rich in refined sugar and low-quality animal fats can lead to breakouts and a dull, clogged complexion.

Do you need skin detoxification? Here are my top tips to keep your skin happy and healthy in 2012. I kept it simple and manageable and saved you the usual tips "drink more water" and "get more beauty sleep". We all already know that!

1. Establish a balance.
Balanced skin is clear skin. Maintain your skin's pH by using a gentle cleansing system that maintains the acid mantle.

Always buy detergent-free products as cleaning agents * remove your natural oils and alkalize the skin – which leads to a feeling of tension. * Pay attention to: "sodium lauryl / laureth sulfate", "cocamidopropyl betaine"

2. Get to know the ingredients.
I promise that this will change your life! You do not need a chemistry degree to learn about cosmetic ingredients. Research those you're not familiar with so you can make informed buying decisions.

Look for the organic logos of Soil Association, ECOCERT or USDA on the outer packaging and do not be fooled by wrong kitemarks.

3. Keep calm and carry on.
Don't underestimate the negative effects of stress on the skin. Psoriasis and eczema are conditions that are particularly affected by our emotions and increased anxiety. Stress suppresses the immune system and leaves the body less prepared for environmental triggers.

Regular acupressure facials are a great way to relax. Acupressure techniques dissipate the intense energy of stress and stimulate the release of endorphins, relieve existing torches and prevent them from occurring again in the near future

Welcome to New Year and a new skin start. I wish you all a bright 2012!

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