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Skin nectar: ​​rejuvenating properties of honey trigger a sensation within the magnificence trade

I found a really interesting article in the Daily Mail today – it's about one of my favorite bio-ingredients, so I thought I would share it!

After selling thousands of jars within a few days of their LA launch, a new brand of honey found its way onto the British high street.

Honey is harvested from the Chilean rainforest, where local tribesmen have apparently been using it for centuries. It is used holistically for the treatment of wounds and frequent skin complaints.

The rejuvenating skin benefits of honey are more of a recent discovery:

When used on the face or body, [honey] can break down scar tissue and make the skin more elastic – smooth fine lines and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

I have long advocated honey as a highly effective DIY treatment – due to its mild antibacterial properties, it is a particularly good mask for skin prone to blemishes.

Manuka is my favorite honey mixed with a little oatmeal for an extra peel.

I'm also a big fan of Manuka extract (oil from the leaves) that we use in a number of Pai products. Its excellent anti-inflammatory and cell-regenerating properties make it ideal for sensitive and problematic skin.

Granted, a honey mask is a nightmare to wash off – but give it a try once a week and hopefully you agree that the silky smooth results are worth it. Just apply it, leave it on for ten minutes and then jump in the shower!

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