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So … is coconut oil dangerous for you now?

With every new superfood comes a wave of articles that indicate that a hot health ingredient is not as good as we first thought.

The youngest victim is healthy baking, essential and natural fix-all coconut oil that has been attacked by the American Heart Association.

Is it a health disaster?

It depends who you ask!

The American Heart Association issued a statement recommending cessation of coconut oil to improve their cardiovascular health.

Medical researchers who study coconut oil say that it contains more saturated fatty acids than animal fats, including butter and lard. They also suggested that it could raise LDL cholesterol, a cause of cardiovascular disease.

However, a previous study linked the fatty acids in coconut oil to weight loss, and some nutritionists believe that saturated fat is unhealthy only in certain combinations. For example, when eating alongside carbohydrates and sugar.

kitchen to bathroom

The experts may still be at odds, but we can all agree on one thing: coconut oil is fail-safe for skin and hair.

If you are concerned about the AHA claim, it may be time to move your tub from your kitchen cabinet to your bathroom cabinet.

No more cleaning agent? A swab of coconut oil will help remove even the most stubborn waterproof mascara – but don't make it a habit because it can cause traffic jams.

Alternatively, you can pamper parched curls with a measuring spoon of coconut oil in our DIY mask for dry and fragile hair.

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