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The Execs and Cons of Shopping for Skin Care Merchandise

Whether it's a moisturizer that breaks you out or a scent that you just can't handle – almost half of us have wasted money on products that we simply cannot use.

How do you avoid wasting money on skin care?

DO: Check the ingredient list

Review the ingredient lists and familiarize yourself with ingredients that your skin does not like.

Learning and identifying your triggers before buying is a savior for your skin and your wallet.

DO: Read the return policy

Every company likely has different return policies, some of which are much stricter than others.

Make a note of whether you can return opened products so that you are not out of your pocket if the situation deteriorates.

DO: Search for Reviews

When you buy skin care online, take a look at customer reviews. As far as possible, these should be independently checked as genuine purchases by third parties such as Yotpo or Trustpilot.

Look for reviews of people with a similar skin type and see how they got on before diving with a credit card.

DO: Ask for samples

Get into the habit of trying new products for at least a week before making a purchase. Ask for samples or, if necessary, take a small travel pot to the store and ask if you can decant one or two pumps from a tester.

If everything works well during your experiment, you can upgrade to a full size product later with much more confidence.

NOT: Be shy

Don't be afraid to contact customer service teams if you need specific advice.

A good brand doesn't just want to sell you one product. They may also be able to give more nutritional and lifestyle advice to get your skin back on track.

NOT: Buy variations of the same product

It is too easy to fall into the trap of buying different products that do essentially the same thing. Not only does it hurt your wallet, it's not good news for your skin either!

Nobody needs a different cleaning agent for every day of the week. Edit your skin care inventory on one or two products per phase of your routine.

DO: Pay attention to multi-purpose products

If you want to go one step further, invest in products that can serve more than one purpose.

Opt for a body wash that doubles as a shaving gel, a day cream that provides an excellent foundation for makeup, or an oil that you can use from head to toe.

NOT: impulse purchase

Spend a little more time in the research phase and avoid these "new" sides – especially with sensitive skin.

Your skin and your account balance will thank you!

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