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The Sudden Delights of a Holi-Keep

I am someone who works at the speed of the brakes and rarely switches off.

It is a condition that can sometimes lead to incorrect decisions (pause for thinking and all that), is below average health and a general feeling of "confusion".

Last month, after struggling too many weeks with a number of different bugs to count (novovirus from my adorable kids, colds, persistent cough, as you call it …), the penny fell. Maybe it was time for a vacation?

If you have children under the age of five, packing toy bundles, diapers, travel cots (ours weigh 15 kg … what is "mobile" about them?) And navigating at airports is anything but relaxing.

So I insisted that we all stay seated. And here's the thing, it was bliss!

We picked the hottest week of the year, which was a huge bonus, but I would have put this hammock in the drizzle with a damp book and was just as happy.

During my free week I read crummy fiction, perfected my potato salad and went on a day trip to Hampton Court Palace. I drank cocktails and played Lego with my son (I'm not a monster at the same time). I even stopped to smell the roses – and not just figuratively.

I returned to work with a lot of ideas that were creative and that felt calm and thoughtful.

The school holidays creep closer and closer. So before you run to far away shores, you should not only stay closer to home, but also at home and enjoy the simplest wealth that reconnects with friends and family.

After all, home is the heart!

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