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The superb story of why we launched rosehip oil

This month, various team members at Pai played our new rosehip video – a demonstration of how they use our rosehip oil.

I've always thought about what a versatile product it is – a staple for bathroom cabinets. And this video is a great reminder of how true that is. It's skin rescue in bottles – plain and simple.

There's usually a great story behind every great product – and our hero oil is no exception.

I had always known that rose hip oil had magical powers. We used it in our chamomile & rosehip day cream and received incredible feedback on it. A special customer reference was really noticed that I never forgot.

Kelly had a serious traffic accident and was given our chamomile & rosehip day cream by a friend to cheer her up.

She had severe scars on her thigh that were bumpy and itchy. She applied some cream to calm it down, got instant relief, and started to foam it up. Every day she couldn't believe the visible improvement in her scars. I was called and asked if I would make a bucket for her.

Pai was less than a year old and I was still making the products in my garage. I said yes, and a month later, when Kelly returned to the hospital for a skin graft, her (incredulous) doctor told her that she didn't need any more.

She sent me an email asking me to patent the formula.

I knew it was the highly regenerative rose hip at work – so I had to fill it up.
Rosehip oil was not a new concept – but the oils on the market were all cold pressed (a big no-no for rosehips because it causes rapid oxidation) and of a pale yellow color. It was unrecognizable to me.

We launched our first bottle in 2009 and have now sold almost a million bottles. The rest, they say, is history.

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