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The way to enhance your every day skin care with easy therapeutic massage strategies

For many, the facial massage is reserved for the spa or salon and rarely finds its way into our own bathroom.

Although I am incredibly selective in the products I use and choose the ones that are tailored to the specific needs of my skin, I am nowhere near as selective in the way I apply them.

That is, until now! Since I spoke to the beautiful Paola Bassanese from Energya, I have been determined to incorporate some simple techniques into my daily regime to increase the effectiveness of my beloved Pai products.

Read Paola's most important tips for improving your skin care system in her guest post:

Why should you include a facial massage in your daily skin care routine?

Our skin is a living and breathing organ, so we have to feed, care for and protect it.

While products can help protect and care for the skin, the role of self-massage should not be underestimated, as it helps us absorb the ingredients of our skin care and improve the texture of the skin.

Every skin type has its own specific needs. So let's take a look at them individually.

Skin prone to blemishes

Skin prone to blemishes requires gentle cleaning and light products that do not leave greasy residues. Some natural oils can be applied to this type of skin as they help balance sebum production.

The best massage technique is manual lymphatic drainage (see video tutorial here ).

The key is to use a soft pressure in a "swim" motion, that is, to draw small circles on the skin. The idea is to flush out the accumulation of bacteria and sebum.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin also requires gentle products and massage techniques that are not irritating. Pressure points and light brushing movements are ideal, while rubbing and hard peeling are not recommended.

A natural facelift self-massage is good for sensitive skin (here is a short video tutorial).

Gently tapping with your fingertips ensures that products penetrate the skin without causing redness. This will also help with eczema or psoriasis outbreaks.

Mature Skin

Beauty magazines may not treat mature skin as often as young skin, but over 35s know what they want when it comes to skin care.

Caring for mature skin is simply a matter of discipline: peeling, regular facial treatments and daily self-massage techniques to "challenge" the skin so that it does not wear off.

The key to a youthful appearance is to reach the jaw line in your daily skin care with self-massage (here is a video tutorial).

For all skin types, you can use this simple facial massage at home with Pai Skincare products.

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