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three Methods You Didn't Know You Can Use Rosehip Oil

While our rose hip organic regeneration oil is probably best known for its skin repair properties in terms of scars, blemishes and pigmentation, can also be used to improve a number other complaints from dry areas to fine lines to sun damage and dry hair.

Damaged Hair

If the hair is particularly damaged or dry due to regular coloring or heat treatment, massage a few drops rose hip bio-regenerating oil as a hair mask into the tips of your hair.


It can also be used to soothe a sensitive scalp and prevent ingrown hair or rashes if rubbed into damp skin after shaving.


Pai founder Sarah Brown affectionately describes our rose hip organic regeneration oil as "A multitasking miracle that everyone should have in their bathroom cabinet!" She also recommends using it on cuticles to keep them soft, smooth, and healthy.

About Makeup

Since the pigment in our rosehip oil has such a breakthrough ( more about why it works here ), it can also be used for makeup when applied, to create highlights on cheekbones or anywhere else where you want to add a subtle sheen. Put a few drops in your Beauty Blender and become radiant!

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