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Vegan Skin Care: Components to Keep away from

We have more and more inquiries from vegans looking for a suitable organic skin care product.

To ensure that your products are all animal friendly, keep the following in mind when scanning your ingredient lists.


All Pai creams are free of beeswax – which is relatively unusual in the world of natural beauties.

I don't just leave out beeswax for our vegan customers. I also leave it out because it is not good for the skin.

Beeswax is considered an animal “by-product” because it is made from the honeycomb of hard-working bees. In natural cosmetics, it is often used as an emulsifier or thickener – an ingredient that supports the binding of the water and oil components of a cream.

Beeswax also forms the basis for balms, which form a protective barrier on the skin. Although beeswax is a great natural ingredient, it is not well absorbed by the skin and can cause facial creams to feel clean and leave greasy residue. Since it cannot penetrate the epidermis, it can also suffocate sensitive skin and clog pores.


This is an oily residue of lambswool, which is used in many common hair and skin care products because of its moisturizing and emulsifying properties.

For more information on lanolin and sensitive skin, see my previous blog.


Vitamin A is good for the skin, but it is important to note that it is in two forms. Retinol is the animal form and can be found in products such as anti-wrinkle and eye creams.

lactic acid

This occurs in animal tissue and can be obtained from milk. Lactic acid is often used in peels and even skin peels and can be used well as a line and scar reducer. It is also used as a pH regulator. Pai only uses vegetable lactic acid from sugar beets.

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