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What’s "sluggish magnificence"?

You heard about Slow Fashion and Slow Food but what about "Slow Beauty"?

According to Wendy Rowe, international makeup artist, beauty expert, and well-being author, "slow beauty" is about "staying with things long enough for a positive change in your look and feel to be felt. ”

It is a step-by-step approach to beauty that is not based on quick fixes and cover-ups, but focuses on long-term solutions for healthier skin. And it is a feeling that we can really leave behind!

Our skin renews itself every 28 days, so seeing or feeling changes can take some time. So patience is really a virtue when it comes to skin care, especially if you're dealing with difficult skin.

So how slow is slow?

How quickly a product “works” largely depends on our individual skin type and our challenges. However, most of us can expect immediate benefits, followed by more noticeable and sustainable changes.

You should be able to determine whether a product will work for you within four weeks – that's why we offer a 90-day return!

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<h4> Fast </h4>
<p> <span style= When you switch from a detergent that contains alcohol or detergent, you can say goodbye to that tight, squeaky feeling after cleaning. Our creamy cleanser leaves the skin feeling pleasant, calm and supple.


In the long term, it restores and protects the skin's natural oil and pH balance – it helps to avoid troublesome dryness, breakouts and flare-ups.

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<h4> DAY CREAM </h4>
<h4> Fast </h4>
<p> <span style= Apart from the instant "ahh" feeling we get by tapping the moisturizer into dry or aggravated skin, day creams protect against moisture loss and potential irritants that we come in contact with all day.


Over time, using the right moisturizer can help keep your skin on an even keel, as proper hydration minimizes flare-ups and balances gloss areas.

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<h4> Fast </h4>
<p> <span style= Telegraph Magazine calls our charged rosehip organic regeneration oil a "miracle worker overnight".

A vibrant orange tone that instantly lights up even the most dull, tired (or hangover!) Complexion. It is also fantastic to instantly comfort skin that feels dry or irritated.


The real rewards come from using this magical oil for a few weeks.

In an independent consumer study, our rosehip organic regeneration oil helped combat all types of skin problems, from dullness and blemishes to pigmentation and fine lines.

It may seem like a slow process, but good things come to those who are waiting!

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