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Why dry January is sweet to your skin

The Truth About the Effects of Alcohol

We all know that too much alcohol can harm our health. And it's not that good for our skin either.

Below you will find out how alcohol can damage our skin and why an alcohol-free diet this January can help your skin to get going again.


The skin is the largest organ in your body, but drinking alcohol makes it dehydrated. This is because alcohol inhibits the production of vasopressin – a diuretic hormone that your kidneys work harder to remove excess water.

This is why your skin may feel tight and lackluster after a heavy night.


Dehydrated skin is one of the known causes of the signs of aging. Alcohol also robs your body of vitamin A, which is vital for cell renewal. A lack of vitamin A can make your complexion appear dull and gray.


Have you ever wondered what leads to a rinse after drinking? Alcohol ignites the body tissues and creates a histamine reaction that leads to redness. Alcohol also increases blood flow, which widens the blood vessels on our face. This can lead to broken capillaries and red spots that are difficult to remove .

If you have a skin condition such as rosacea or acne, alcohol can also make it worse . Many alcoholic beverages are loaded with sugar, which increases insulin levels and further inflames the skin.

feeling of fullness

Since your body suffers from vital nutrients, electrolytes and liquids, it seems to store everything it can. Any water intake can cause the tissue to swell and make your face bloat.

If you drink a lot of water and moisturize from the inside, your skin will look radiant, youthful and fresh. But going further and avoiding alcohol for a while can fight the effects of alcohol even more.

What happens to your body in dry January?

How much and how often you drink depends on how you feel when you are non-alcoholic for a month. However, these are some of the changes you can expect after GP Richard Spence :

Initially, energy and mood levels are likely to be low. Sleep patterns can also be disturbed.

When you exercise, make sure you drink plenty of water. With no alcohol in your system, it is much easier to maintain hydration.

In the second week you may feel more motivated and even lose some weight. Your sleep quality should also improve and help you feel more energized and active.

All of this has a positive effect on our skin. B At the end of the month, you should notice that redness or stains gradually disappear and your complexion looks clearer and healthier.

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