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Why I select natural: Sadie Macleod

For our third Bio-September guest post, I met ardent Sadie, founder of Hip & Healthy, to find out why she chose organic.

Why choose organic?

I am often asked this question. Sometimes by people who are considering organic work, and also by people who do not necessarily believe in organic skin care. But my answer is always the same – because they work and are better not only for my skin but also for my whole body!

What does an organic lifestyle mean to you?

I switched to organic skin care during my studies and never looked back. The plastics commonly used in many skin care products are often not necessary and will have an even worse effect later. I have honestly seen the most remarkable results from natural, organic skin care and I also enjoy knowing a lot more that it has no evil properties.

Do you have any tips for people thinking about switching to organic?

If you are thinking of giving your skin care products an organic makeover, I would say start with the great products that you use a lot at first. Body lotion, moisturizer and hair care.

If you only change these three elements, you are already on your way to becoming completely organic without having to start over.

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