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Worldwide Girls's Day 2019

You may not know it, but the word pai actually means good in Māori and it gets us out of bed every morning, doing good to our customers, suppliers and the planet.

In the interest of spreading and celebrating goodness on this International Women's Day, we asked Sarah to share her thoughts on leadership, mentoring and what inspires her.

What does the term "dream job" mean for you?

Somewhere I feel a strong right to exist and believe that I can change the world a little for the better. An environment where I can create something that ultimately pushes me beyond what I think I can do.

What motivates you to get out of bed every day and go to the office?

I have two huge spores to trade in the morning.

The idea that there are millions (actually billions!) Of people who don't know anything about Pai yet who we could help with their skin frustration and irritation.

As well as the thought of each of our fantastic teams at Pai – for whose livelihood I am ultimately responsible!

What qualities do you need to have a really great mentor?

I look after some young entrepreneurs. I have found that if we focus on one thing that hinders their progress or well-being, I can add the greatest value. The one thing they can fix or change that day or week.

Removing this blockage can have a profound effect on lifting your shoulders and freeing them to do what they do best.

Promoting their ambition is also critical. Because running a company or climbing the career ladder requires 100% commitment and can be relentless. Sometimes people's early passion and the "fire in the belly" change into embers and have to be stoked again.

How would you look after your employees in order to overcome the lack of trust and to persuade them to "lean on"?

I would like to remind you that success is never easy and that life is all about advancement.

Gold medals are not won from a walk in the park! They also require slog, patience, and a degree of frustration, setbacks, and pain.
To build confidence on this climb, you must never worry about making mistakes. Trip-ups are part of the course and don't miss anyone.
The greatest successes often follow failures. Dyson had stopped 500 attempts to invent his vacuum cleaner – in 15 years!

Nobody will ever judge you based on your mistakes or judgments – only what follows how you react to them.

What do you think a company is good for?

One that has a higher purpose than making money. Somewhere you can feel part of an authentic mission and see decisively where you fit into this picture and what effect you have.

Company owners also place their customer and employee needs somewhere in front of their personal interests. Who believes in the power of "we" over "me"?

Any advice you would like to have had when you started?

If something goes wrong or you get into trouble, ask yourself the following questions. Will I still feel stressed in a month?
Will I remember it in a year?

If the answer to one of the questions is "no" (which, by the way, is usually the case), do not waste a second to worry about it. Go on.

Who is your greatest female inspiration?

Difficult to choose! Cress Wesling by Elvis & Kresse is quite remarkable and is regularly at the top of my list.

I saw her speak of Pai in the early years and her story blew me away. She continues to work for a really strong social and environmental goal and drives her business forward.

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